Griswold’s Store Collection


Shortly before the restoration of the Griswold Store in the early 2010's, Jonathan Wuerth discovered twenty black & white photographic prints in the attic of the old shop (121 Broad Street). He generously contributed these photos to the Guilford Keeping Society. They show buildings around the Green about 1956. The photographer is unknown.


Wuerth, Jonathan


Copyright 2015, 2016 Guilford Keeping Society
Access to the original print and the high resolution digitized version by permission of the Guilford Keeping Society Library Committee at
P.O. Box 363
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Guilford Motor Co.
"Andrew Eliot, a merchant, built this house, lived in it for about twenty years, then traded houses with his brother Samuel, who lived in it another twenty years, bequeathing it to his son William. The house’s most distinguished feature, which stands…

Whitfield Street, late 1950s
Looking north along the west side of Whitfield Street from near the intersection of Whitfield and Water Streets. The shops include Monroe's Drug Store, the Post Office, Towne Shoe Repair, a Bakery, a Barber Shop, and the Guilford Food Center.

Douden’s Drug Store and Wolozin’s 5 & 10
Douden’s Drug Store and Wolozin’s 5 & 10 This photo of the west side of the Guilford Green was taken sometime between 1950 and 1961. The building on the right is 57 Whitfield Street and has been a town landmark since the 1920’s. While it has…
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