Wilcox Collection


The collection was donated by three cousins who formerly lived in Guilford. (1) Laura Dudley Page, presently residing in Vermont, (2) Lewis Scranton Wilcox, presently Killingworth, and (3) Allan Wilcox, presently Milford.

The collection was split between the Guilford Free Library and the Guilford Keeping Society.

The collection in possession of the Guilford Keeping Society span four generations of family life, over 200 photos, many of which are set in albums, as well as documents related to the family.

The GKS’s portion of the photos are primarily family portraits.


Page, Laura Dudley; Wilcox, Lewis Scranton; Wilcox, Allan

Collection Items

Cloverdale Farm Wagon
Elmer Wilcox and delivery wagon at Cloverdale Farm.

Aunt Althea Collins
Aletha R. Collins (1799–1892) the eldest child of Colonel Abel Rossiter and wife of Deacon William Rossiter Collins (married 1829). She is buried in North Guilford Cemetery.
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