Cantwell Collection


In 2015, Nathan McClave Cantwell of Canton, CT donated 5 pages of an old photo album containing 18 black and white photographic prints showing the Sachem’s Head shoreline in the summer of 1906, e.g. the Sachem’s Head Hotel and Sachem’s Head Yacht Club.

The photographs were taken by members of the Bowman family (e.g., Mark Knight Bowman and Martha Jackson Bowman) of Montclair, New Jersey during their visit in Guilford. Presumably, they were guests at the Sachem’s Head Hotel. These photographic treasures from Guilford’s past reflect the vitality and spirit of Sachem’s Head shoreline in the early 1900’s.


Cantwell, Nathan McClave

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Sachem's Head Hotel
The first Sachem’s Head Hotel was built by Nathanial Griffing in 1832 and was expanded in 1835. Fire destroyed the hotel in 1865, leaving an empty space until the Barker Hotel was built in 1878. After Albert Sperry bought the building in 1895, he…
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