Harrison Collection


The collection portrays a vibrant Guilford family around the 1915’s to the 1920’s, and possibly later.

The Harrisons lived at 342 Water Street, the birthplace of Katherine Fowler Harrison, who is seen in many of the pictures.

Over 700 negatives was found in a candy box in a suitcase in the attic of the Harrison’s house on Water Street by the realtors Gordy Whiteman and his son Brad Whiteman when the house was being sold. There being no living descendants, about 40 of the negatives were given the Guilford Free Library, about 2013. The remainder was given to John Plant, who donated them to the GKS in 2014. Thereupon, the Guilford Free Library pledged their negatives to the GKS. The reuniting of a once split collection is indeed a fortunate circumstance!

The Guilford Free Library reproductions are subject to terms and conditions of the Guilford Free Library; while the Guilford Keeping Society reproductions subject to terms and conditions of the Guilford Keeping Society.


Plant, John

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Water Street, East of Wild Rose Avenue
Water Street, east of Wild Rose Avenue, looking east towards town center. The home on the left of the photo no longer exists. Another home has been built on this property at 373 Water Street.
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