Media from outside GKS collections


Resources from outside GKS holdings that are important to understanding items contained in this digital archive and key elements of Guilford history.

Collection Items

A History of the Goss Property - East River Preserve
A history of the Goss Property relevant to the management of the East River Preserve.

Hubbard Map
This map, drawn by a famed local artist, indicates many of the traditional names for various areas and roads in Guilford and Madison.  The map references discussions of these areas in an associated book.

Historic Resource Inventory - Town of Guilford
"Historic and Architectural Resources Inventory For the Town of Guilford, Connecticut Phase II Supplemental Survey"  The Guilford Preservation Alliance received at the end of 2014 a grant in the amount of $30,000 from the State Department of Economic…

Structures 50 Years Old or More
In 1981, the Guilford Preservation Alliance (GPA) completed a survey of 450 buildings then more than fifty years old and considered to be of architectural significance (Survey of the Historic Architecture of Guilford, Conn.). A copy of this…

Borough of Guilford
Town and city atlas of the State of Connecticut.
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