The Green with White Fence and Elm Trees


The photo shows two features on the Green that are a long time gone: the white fence around the perimeter and the stately elm trees.  Helander (2008, 32) indicates that the fence was constructed in 1855, replacing a previous structure.  The fence was removed in August, 1899 and the Green has been unenclosed since.  Dutch Elm Disease had become a major threat to the health of the trees on the Green by 1924 and the great hurricane of 1938 uprooted many of the oldest specimens.




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Helander, Joel Eliot (2008) “A Treasury of Guilford Places,” published by author ISBN 97809356 (ISBN13: 9780935600), pp 18 - 51

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Bryan, Harriet Hunt, “The Green with White Fence and Elm Trees,” Guilford Keeping Society Archives, accessed May 9, 2021,