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The inscription on the photo reads "Heading Into Town on Boston Street with the Thomas Griswold House circa, 1905." The Griswold House is on the right of the photo. The photographer, Charles Hubbard, is a well known Guilford artist.
A history of the Goss Property relevant to the management of the East River Preserve.
Joel Helander presents a lecture on Captain Oliver N. Brooks, who served as Light Keeper on Faulkner's Island from 1851 to 1882.
Aletha R. Collins (1799–1892) the eldest child of Colonel Abel Rossiter and wife of Deacon William Rossiter Collins (married 1829). She is buried in North Guilford Cemetery.
Town and city atlas of the State of Connecticut.

Before gas stations existed, drivers bought gasoline in canisters at general stores, such as Elisaph Butler's general store (now Page Hardware). The jeweler and optician Clarence C. Markham published and sold postcards, some of which appear in this…
Elmer Wilcox and delivery wagon at Cloverdale Farm.
Cranbrook Tower is a cylindrical stone tower built in 1869 to supply water to the Chittenden estate at 1 Broad Street. The windmill was removed in 1927 after the town established its water system in 1915, the same year this card was postmarked. In…
Douden’s Drug Store and Wolozin’s 5 & 10 This photo of the west side of the Guilford Green was taken sometime between 1950 and 1961. The building on the right is 57 Whitfield Street and has been a town landmark since the 1920’s. While it has…
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